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Ornithology Around Glasgow

The ground owned by the Zoological Society of Glasgow and West of Scotland, includes a 1.5 hectare loch (Websters Pond), 1.5 kms of the North Calder River, woods, cliffs, scrub, grassland, arable and zoopark.

The following birds have been positively identified by Richard O'Grady, with a few included (and indicated) as faint possibilities.

Bird Symbol Notes
Arctic Tern oc. Flies overhead on migration.
Barn Owl r. Breeds nearby
Barnacle Goose w. May fly overhead occasionally as Scottish Winter visitors.
Black-headed Gull r. Passes by. Common in area.
Blackbird r. Breeds
Blackcap a.; oc; w. Breeds, occasionally overwinters.
Blue Tit r. Breeds
Brambling w. Regular Visitor in Beechmart years
Bullfinch r. Notes
Buzzard oc. Breeds in area
Canada Goose [Atlantic] r.; s.; a.; w. Flies overhead
Carrion Crow r. 6 pairs breed
Chaffinch r. Breeds
Chiffchaff sp.; s. Breeds
Coal Tit r. Breeds
Collard Dove r. Breeds
Common Gull r. Passes by along the River Clyde in particular.
Common Sandpiper sp.; s.; a. On river banks occasionally. Breeds on River Clyde nearby.
Common Tern sp.; s. Flies overhead.
Coot oc. on Loch visiting in winter
Cormorant oc. Resident all year round at Strathclyde Park - not breeding there yet, but just a matter of time.
Cuckoo sp.; s. Breeds
Curlew a.; w.; sp; s. Breeds in area. Flies overhead.
Dunnock r. Breeds
European White-fronted Goose w. May fly overhead occasionally
Fieldfare a.; w. Notes
Garden Warbler sp.; s. May Breed
Glaucous Gull w.; ac. Occasionally at Patersons tip and Strathclyde Park.
Goldcrest r. Breeds
Golden Plover a.; w.; sp. Flies overhead
Goldeneye w. Visible at Hogganfield Loch
Goldfinch r. Breeds
Goshawk oc. Resident one year.
Grasshopper Warbler oc.; s Heard at Patersons Tip site
Great Black-backed Gull a. Flies overhead. Occasionally visits dumps
Great Crested Grebe oc.
Great Spotted Woodpecker r. Breeds
Great Tit r. Breeds
Greenfinch r. Notes
Greenland White-fronted Goose a.; w. May fly overhead occasionally
Greenshank sp.; s.; a.; oc. May pass by.
Grey Heron r. 30+ pairs breed at Strathclyde Park Nature Reserve.
Grey Wagtail sp.; s.; a. Breeds
Greylag Goose s.; a.; w. 50+ resident on or near Hogganfield Loch. Flies overhead.
Herring Gull r. Visits rubbish tips for food.
Hooded Crow ac.
House Martin sp.; s Visits - nests in zoo
House Sparrow r. Breeds
Iceland Gull ac. Occasionally at Patersons tip and Strathclyde Park
Jackdaw a.; w. 20+ pairs breed near Barbary Sheep
Kestrel r. Breeds on site
Kingfisher oc. Visits loch at North Calder River
Lapwing oc. Visits, breeds in area.
Lesser Black-backed Gull r. Visits
Lesser White-fronted Goose w. May fly overhead occasionally
Linnet r Breeds
Little Grebe r. 1 or 2 pairs breed every year.
Long-eared Owl oc Many visit
Long-tailed Tit r. Breeds
Magpie r. About 8 pairs breed. 300+ in communal winter roost.
Mallard r. Breeds on site
Marsh Tit oc. Vague possibility
Meadow Pipit r. Breeds
Mistle Thrush oc. Breeds
Moorhen r. Breeds on Loch and in Wildlife Garden
Mute Swan r. Breed at Strathclyde Park Nature Reserve.
Osprey ac. Seen on River Clyde nearby
Oystercatcher sp.; s. Flies overhead.
Partridge r. Breeds near the rhino enclosure.
Peregrine oc. Visits in winter hunting pigeons.
Pheasant oc. Very occasional
Pied Wagtail sp.; s; a.; w. Breeds
Pink-footed Goose a.; w.; sp. Flies overhead
Pintail a.; w; sp. Flies overhead occasionally
Pochard a.; w.; sp. Flies overhead. Visible at Hogganfield Loch.
Raven oc. A faint possibility flying overhead.
Red-legged Partridge ac.
Redpoll oc. In winter in alders in Wildlife garden
Redshank r. Breeds in area. Flies overhead.
Redstart ac. Possible rare visitor
Redwing a.; w. Notes
Reed Bunting r. Visits
Reed Warbler s. Vague possibility
Ringed Plover a.; w. Flies overhead
Robin r. Breeds
Rook oc. 70-80 nests per year
Ruddy Duck oc. Breeds in area. Drumpelier Loch and Baron's Haugh RSPB Reserve.
Sand Martin sp.; s Breeds at Patersons Tip
Scaup oc. Very occasionally visits area.
Sedge Warbler s. Vague possibility
Shoveler r.
Siskin w. Regular visitor
Skylark r. Breeds
Sniper oc. Breeds in area. Visits.
Snow Bunting oc. Possibility
Song Thrush r. Breeds
Sparrow Hawk r. Breeds in woods of the zoopark
Spotted Flycatcher oc. Has Bred
Starling r. Breeds
Stock Dove r. Breeds. Listen for distinctive coo
Stonechat ac. Possible unusual visitor
Swallow sp.; s Breeds in Zoo Houses
Swift sp.; s. Breeds in Uddingston
Tawny Owl r. Breeds
Teal r. Flies overhead
Tree Sparrow r. Probably breeds
Treecreeper r. Breeds in bat boxes.
Tufted Duck r. May breed
Twile oc. In winter.
Water Rail ac. Vague possibility
Wheatears a. Possible on migration
White Wagtail sp.; s.; a. Visits
Whitethroat sp.; s Breeds
Whooper Swan a.; w.; sp. Flies overhead occasionally. A few winter at Hogganfield Loch, Glasgow.
Wigeon a.; w.; sp. Flies overhead
Willow Tit oc. Vague Possibility
Willow Warbler sp.; s Breeds
Wood Warbler sp. May breed
Woodcock r. Breeds in woods at Strathclyde Park. May breed occasionally here. Visits in hard winter weather.
Woodpigeon r. Breeds
Wren r. Breeds
Yellow Wagtail sp.; a. Seen regularly on migration
Yellowhammer r. Breeds
Key to Symbols: These symbols are designed only as a rough guide to the status of the birds on this check list.

sp. Spring
s. Summer
a. Autumn
w. Winter
r. Resident, on site, or in the immediate area. Can be seen at any time of the year.
oc. Occasional
ac. Accidental