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Racing Pigeons

We would like to hear from anyone who has one or two white racing pigeons they can spare.
Three or four years ago, you may remember two white doves in St Peter's Square, Rome, landing on the Pope's shoulder at Easter.
I couldn't understand why anyone would deliberately release two " squeakers " or barely fledged pigeons in such a setting.
I recently learned that at some Italian weddings it is traditional to release a pair of symbolic white doves and was asked if I could supply two at short notice.
But the chances of ordinary white garden fantails finding their way across a village is extremely remote.
I think the introduction of some homing pigeon genes to the flock might just do the trick.
I still don't know if the tradition actually exists and would be very interested in further details.

Disappearing Racing Pigeons

The news that large numbers of young racing pigeons are disappearing somewhere between Newcastle and Glasgow is concerning many owners.
Some have speculated that the mobile phone masts along the A74/M74 from Carlisle may be disorienting these birds and they become lost.
It is an interesting theory, though one wonders what happens to all the birds.
Perhaps they're all perched on buildings in Thornhill or Lesmahagow or Abington or some other town en route. It has long been thought by scientists that homing pigeons navigate by utilising the earth's magnetic fields aided and abetted by a certain degre of learning achieved on the training flights.
At the time of year when young birds are being trained; late summer/autumn, losses are fairly heavy, especially as I have witnessed many times when the flocks are scattered by ambushing peregrine falcons.

Who to contact if you discover rings on pigeons

If you discover a pigeon with a ring attached please consider contacting one of the following:

  • If the ring has a SU prefix contact Scottish racing pigeons Telephone: 01698 286983.
  • If the ring has a GB prefix, it's an English bird, please Royal Pigeon Racing Association contact Telephone: 01452 713529.