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Wild Dogs

Africa's Wild Dogs Are a Breed Apart

There is good news from the Hwange Wild Dog Research project in Zimbabwe, which some readers helped sponsor.
Bob Robbins and Kim McCreery, of the project in Hwange National Park, tell me (Richard O'Grady) the wild dogs have recently started to den.
Blondi had 10 pups, while the other pack - Sinajima - denned later. The pups are still too young to venture out of the den hole.
It's a rugged spot, but the team have managed to drive, then walk there and are now moving tons of rocks, so they can take a vehicle up on to the ridge.
Their letter goes on: " Right now, the water situation in Sinamatella is bleak. We have dry pans, pans muddled by heavy elephant use, and the Mandavu is the lowest we have seen it for this time of year.
"It doesn't look good and is a major concern."

Despite all the difficulties and despite all that we see on the television news, it just goes to show that positive people are still beavering away, doing their bit for animals and conservation.
If you would like further information on this interesting project, contact:

John Gillon, chairman of the British section of the Hwange Conservation Society at 38 Sighthill Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 4QG or telephone 0131-453-3924.