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BLOOD PYTHON Python curtus brongersmai

Blood Python
Blood Python
Photos by Andy Smyth, Photographer. ©

The blood python occurs naturally in Malaysia, Sumatra and adjacent islands. Until the mid-1980s it had the reputation of being difficult to maintain in captivity, frequently dying at short notice and for no apparent reason.

In 1983 our Society received a Meritorious Breeding Award from the National Federation of Zoological Gardens for the successful hatching and rearing of several blood pythons. Although the eggs were laid, incubated and hatched here, mating probably took place before their arrival, so we have never felt totally proud of this achievement. The young have been maintained here ever since and we have gone on to breed these snakes several times since.

The snake achieves its name from the blood-red blotches on a grey tan or brown ground colour. The animal is sometimes called the short python because of its stumpy, short tail.