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D'Albertis Python ( Liasis albertisii )

D'Albertis Python

Photo by Andy Smyth, Photographer. ©

A group of captive bred D'Albert's pythons was obtained in 1991/92 and on maturity successful breeding followed. The young have been retained in the collection.

For a long time the D'Albert's python was considered to be a sub-species of the Brown Water python (Liasis fuscus), though modern thought has been to consign Liasis fuscus to another species Macklot's python (Liasis mackloti). D'Albert's python occurs in Southern New Guinea and nearby islands of the Torres Straits.

Visually the first impression is of an eye-catching snake glittering with iridescence on a deep coppery-black background. Adults are about 1.2 metres in length. About a dozen eggs are laid and the 20-25 cm long hatchlings emerge after about 2 months.