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Green Iguana Iguana iguana
Found: Central and northern South America

Habitat: Tropical forest, often near water

Length: Up to 1.8m

No. of Young: 20-70 eggs/clutch

Incubation: eggs laid in burrow & incubate at 30 degrees celcius for 3 months.

Food in wild: herbivorous, leaves, berries & fruit

Youngsters food: Herbivorous, but also insects
Green Iguana Iguana iguana

Photo by Andy Smyth, Photographer. ©
After several years of not exhibiting this common captive species, a large spare enclosure became available in mid 1999. Simultaneously, we were offered several mature green iguanas from individual pet owners. All are males, and all have integrated well and make an eye-catching display. However, this would probably change immediately if we were foolish enough to introduce a female.