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Shetland ponies (Horses)

Shetland Ponies Equus caballus var.

Every time I pass Mossend, Lanarkshire, I think of Barnet Covitz whose colourful Shetland ponies used to graze on the fields nearby.
Glasgow Zoo kept and bred Shetland ponies at that time and I thought they were beautiful creatures.
They have roamed Shetland since the time of the Vikings. During the 19th century, thousands disappeared underground to pull carts in coal mines the length and breadth of Britain.
Because the animals breed in many parts of the country, members of the Shetland pony Studbook Society are spread throughout Britain.
On the Council: England have 9 members, Wales has 1, N. Ireland has 1, Scotland has 6, & Shetland has 6. There was never any serious question of altering the height limit. There has never been a lower limit. The smallest Shetland stallion registered was registered in the late 1940's, at 26.5 inches. There have been breeders from north & south of the Border who would like to see a lower limit, but there is no intention of making one at present. With best wishes, Beth Mead e-mail:

Glasgow Zoopark currents hosts George Gold's fine group of Shetland ponies.


My two favourite horse breeds are the Appaloosa - so beloved of Linda McCartney - and the Akultekke.
The Appaloosa, or spotted horse, was made famous by the heroic struggles of the Nez Perce Indians of the north-west United States, as they tried to avoid being massacred by the US cavalry.
Eventually, Chief Joseph and most of his tribe and thousands of their horses were slaughtered by the US cavalry after a long pursuit just over 100 years ago.
The remnants of these wonderful horses survived in the fertile Palouse Valley of the Green River.
The Akultekke is the brilliant golden horse made famous by the terracota sculptures of the T'Ang Dynasty, some of which can be seen in the Burrell Collection.
There are only 2500 left today, but they are now revered and numbers are gradually being built up.