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It was good to read about the Zimbabwean based Turgwe Hippo Trust congratulate Linda and Gordon Stoddart, from Edinburgh, and Errol Booth and Mrs C. Pryde, also from Edinburgh, who have recently joined the society.
Quite a lot of fundraising is taking place in Scotland for these animals which are having a really difficult time because of over-grazing and destruction of their natural habitat.

A handful of devoted volunteers have managed to keep the few hippos on the Turgwe river system alive through prolonged droughts supplementary feeding and watering.

It is also good to note that the Rotary Club in Edinburgh has been handing out
reconditioned computers to local charities for a small fee of £10 and that one these is heading towards the Trust after old friend John Gillon, the Secretary of the Hwange Conservation Society, (which raises funds for African Wild Dog Conservation and Research) approached them. For further details, contact: 0131-4533924.