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By William Bough
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For Snowie.....a big brave toy poodle.

With the heart of a tiger, and soul of a lion,
Even when he's whinging and crying,
He's the bravest dog you'll ever meet,
Eight inches tall, mad, but sweet.

He keeps the burglar from the door,
We really couldn't ask for more,
When you see him you'll have to agree,
He's a big brave dog, just his size is wee,

Pathetic, is what some people say,
Me, I don't really see him that way,
When he looks at me with those button eyes,
I really don't care about his size.

He keeps me happy, plays with me,
Helps me make it through the day,
If he wasn't here, what would I do?
Even though he's the size of my shoe.

The bond between dog and man,
I can't explain it, no-one can,
I don't care what people say,
Who knows.....I may even take him for a walk one day.