Glasgow Zoo Park
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Burmese Browns

by Richard J.P. O'Grady

"They're shagging, they're shagging,"
the voice pierced out again.
"Shush, Kevin, don't speak like that!"
I remonstrate in vain.
"But Sir, but Sir, they're shagging!"
his voice hits another plane.

I never thought it would be like this
an outing to the Zoo.
Primary 7, project work, endangered species too.
Instead we find a conundrum.
Perhaps some seeds are sown?
Tortoises when making love - other thoughts have flown.

Phlegmatic female, slowly blinks,
her mind is faraway,
But balanced there, front legs stretched down
tilted almost at right angle,
the male's jaw gapes, he ejaculates,
Wheezing, half-strangled squeak.

They're not at play, Kevin must be right,
No other explanation. He speaks in slang
but his meaning's clear,
they mean to procreate!
But so intent, so diligent,
then why are they declining?