Glasgow Zoo Park
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Glasgow Zoo - a history in photographs

Compiled by Roger Edwards, Special Projects Officer, Glasgow Zoopark. December 2000

Interpreting old photographs can be a challenge, ever more difficult as the years go by and fewer people are around who witnessed the events and personalities concerned. Many of the photographs in this collection were the subject of a discussion in July 1987 when a dictaphone was used to record some comments on them, from which a typed manuscript was prepared.

In this current exercise to digitise these images, recourse has been made to annual reports and contemporary press coverage to establish dates and names. As so often is the case, some of these pictures were not dated and labelled when first produced, but sufficient were to provide a clear chronology.

1. The founding of the Zoological Society , 15th December 1936, and its early years

2. Preparing the new zoo

3. Cutting the first turf , 31th May 1946

4. Constructing the new zoo

5. The official opening of the zoo, 9th July 1947